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I have a proper name!

...and when I remember it I will tell you.

2 November
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Glitch(Ambrose) is more or less an addle-brained, friendly genius with a zipper parting his insanely tangled dark brown hair and a smile for just about anyone he doesn't think wants to kill him or his friends.

He comes from the Sci-Fi miniseries Tin Man, at the end of Part Three.

Your character's initial personal inventory:
· One striped cotton shirt, striped maroon and black.
· One off-white dress shirt missing two buttons.
· One brocaded, loose brown-maroon-beige vest. (Really, really dirty)
· One heavy Napoleonic-style coat in a green-yellow color which is covered in a thick coat of dirt, obscuring the true color, with extremely frayed cuffs and shoulder seams, along with a large slit in each sleeve from cuff to the elbow.
· One pair of moderately loose and frayed at the bottom brown pants, with holes and tears.
· A pair of thick, sturdy, and slightly holey off-white socks.
· A pair of sturdy brown shoes that used to be dress shoes but, after continuous wear, are more like hiking shoes.
· One slightly embroidered, dirty handkerchief.
· The metal zipper on top of his head.
· One pair of mostly clean, light pink underwear.

Now Also Has:
+ One towel with this printed on the front, thanks to Ford Prefect and the clothing box.

This journal claims no ownership to the character, the miniseries, or even The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. I own no Alan Cumming, not even his soap despite loving the ads for it. Oh Alan ♥. This is for happy fun time only at the_blank_slate.